Assist The Elderly and Vulnerable – North Lakes Region


Call-out to those who need assistance and those who would like to assist in the North Lakes region.

We have a separate assistance call-out for the Redcliffe Peninsula here.

We are calling upon local charities and community organisations in particular to co-ordinate assistance to the best of their capability in whatever form that may be, including home delivery to the many in our community who are elderly, immunocompromised, living with chronic illness, locals in self-isolation who still need to access to essentials to get by.

Unfortunately, many of these people are not on social media but still, a large enough number are that here we can reach out.

We are all very touched by images of our aged locals and pensioners doing their best to access essential groceries, personal care and medication they need just to get by, but we need to activate as a community to protect the vulnerable from this illness.

Woolworths are providing exclusive access to grocery aisles between the hours of 7am and 8am for those with a government-issued seniors, pensioner or disability card.

Many vulnerable locals are self-reliant and proudly so, however, a once in a century pandemic changes everything and we now call upon local charities, community organisations to raise their hand.

The situation we face is a short term one. Herd immunity and immunisation will eventually render this disease to the history books. In the meantime, the immediate challenge is to minimise the number infectious and vulnerable persons circulating in the community.

If you are a charity or organisation willing to assist those in need at this time, please comment below with your page. Individuals willing to help and vulnerable persons may also wish to comment to illicit direct replies.

Today’s Coronavirus (COVID19) statement from Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt.

Channel Seven News – Tuesday 17th March 2020

ABC News – Thursday 19th March 2020

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