Mango-tree-anzac-avenueA decision around the removal of a number of heritage listed mango trees along the Anzac Avenue corridor for development is still pending.

It remains the decision of Council, however, State authorities do get a say.

Last month, we published an editorial from Mango Hill Progress Association President, Laurence Christie, in relation to this issue and the Association’s thoughts and proposed actions to save the Anzac Avenue Mango Tree Canopy.

The article was published online and posted to the community Facebook page, @northlakesqld. Community outcry was what followed with widespread anger and disbelief that our local heritage could be destroyed without community consultation.

Carrol de la Motte posted, “Do this destructive thing and a floodgate could be opened allowing more desecration of protected areas and items!!!!”

Norma Lopez said, “I can’t believe what they are doing such an amazing place and beautiful Mango trees!! Is there any way to stop it???”

A change.org petition has been started for this cause, to add your signature and make sure your voice is heard, head to – bit.ly/2O6Xm9Y

You can also follow the Mango Hill Progress Association’s Facebook page: facebook.com/mangohillprogress

31/07/2018 |

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