Winterising Your Pool – What Does It Mean?


Pool Winterising essentially involves the reduction in chlorination and water filtration of your pool over the cooler months, reducing energy and chemical cost, while maintaining pool water health.

With all of us spending more time at home due to COVID-19, and potentially exercising less frequently, maintaining a swimmable pool over winter is more important than ever.



Your pool is generally used less frequently in Winter and water chlorination is not as readily reduced by the sun, so your pool can be maintained with considerably less power and chemical consumption, and therefore less cost.

Simply turning off your pool equipment, neglecting debris removal and allowing the water to turn green, can lead to costly problems when you decide to switch everything back on come Spring. With little to no use, pool equipment can become failure prone, and algae build up can permanently damage pool covers and pool equipment and make a return to healthy ph balance much more difficult.

Winterisation Treatment

The addition of a copper based algaecide to your pool care program in winter will allow you to somewhat reduce chlorination and filtration, and help prevent your pool from turning green. If you have a pool blanket this will reduce your need for chlorination and filtration even further.

The addition of an algaecide is an insurance that will help your pool return to normal ph balance faster, in times of less use and potentially less water management.

Before applying an algaecide, clean your filter and basket, follow the application instructions and run your filter as normal for several days, after which chlorine levels and filtration may be reduced by around a third. Monitor the ph balance of your pool and adjust accordingly.

An algaecide can be a good preventative measure all year round, in case of equipment failure, power outage or forgetting to switch on filtration, but is most important in Winter, given that we are spending much less time outside and are more likely to have periods of inactive filtration.

If your pool is prone to neglect over winter, now may be a good time to discuss Winterising your pool with your local pool professionals or alternatively, arrange a managed pool maintenance program.

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