Upgrade to the entrance of The Mill at Moreton Bay


Entrance-Upgrade-The-Mill-Moreton-BayUpgrades to the entrance of The Mill at Moreton Bay will begin this year.

Home to the first new greenfield university campus in more than twenty years in Australia, The Mill at Moreton Bay project will generate thousands of local higher education and employment opportunities for the region.

Upgrades include widening of a section of Gympie Road, creation of a new entrance for The Mill at the intersection of Gympie Road and Paper Avenue (opposite Wyllie Park rest area), as well as an upgraded and safer entry to Wyllie Park.

These upgrades will provide safer access to the university campus for motorists turning onto and off Gympie Road, as well as pedestrians and cyclists travelling between the campus and Wyllie Park.

As part of these works, a number of trees need to be removed from Wyllie Park to allow for the widening of the road and additional turning lanes.

Council has committed to a replanting program which will see nearly double the number of trees planted in Wyllie Park with an emphasis on native species.

No koala habitat will be impacted by the road works adjacent to Wyllie Park, but wildlife protections are important which is why Council is already looking at initiatives including fauna fencing to reduce the risk of koalas and other fauna attempting to cross the road, a wildlife underpass and rope bridge overpass.

04/02/2019 |

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