Treasures Markets Saleable Items Stripped from Shelves


During September, Moreton Bay Regional Council started a trial period for the Dakabin and Caboolture Treasure Markets to trade six days a week, from 10am to 2pm Tuesday through to Sunday.

In October, local residents noticed that a lot of their favourite items were no longer for sale and many shelves had been stripped bare after a crackdown by the Office of Fair Trading on the sale of second-hand goods due to concerns about the safety of certain second-hand products being sold to the average consumer.


Whilst this action may be about safety, many have voiced on social media how unfair and wasteful the decision is. Bikes, children’s toys and children’s clothing were some of the items that were put into landfill after it was determined that the safety of these items couldn’t be guaranteed.

The trial period for the extended opening hours for the Dakabin Treasure Markets ends on the 15th of December, unless there is a high demand for the service to continue.

05/12/2018 |

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