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Koala-rescue-bannerDuring breeding season, which runs from approximately August to December, Moreton Bay Koala Rescue volunteers can attend up to ten calls per day for koalas needing help.

Unfortunately, there are many situations which may leave koalas in a spot of bother. Attempting to cross a road can be particularly hazardous, or they may find themselves in trouble with dogs in suburban backyards. Many koalas get sick when stressed. Chlamydia is also a serious issue in koalas and will often present as conjunctivitis (red, crusty eyes) or cystitis (dirty bum).

If you see a koala sitting on the ground, please call the Moreton Bay Koala Rescue hotline – as that is an indication that the koala is sick.

Treatment is possible, if it can be started at the early stages of the disease.

Once a rescue has been performed, the koala is taken to one of the wildlife hospitals where they will receive treatment.

The volunteers at Moreton Bay Koala Rescue would like for people to be mindful and slow down in areas where koalas live. Keeping dogs in your yard, or bringing them inside can also assist with stopping the decline in the population.

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue are always looking for more rescuers. If that’s not your cup of tea, you can help in other ways, by  offering transportation of the koalas or helping with fundraising or administration duties.

If you would like to get involved please visit the website –

Moreton Bay Koala Rescue 24/7 hotline – 0401 080 333, provides a free service to the general public for help with sick,  injured and orphaned koalas.

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