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Chiropractor North Lakes – Dr Jeffrey Hannah

Dr Hannah provides chiropractic services for neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, spinal and lower back pain, migraine, elbow and hand problems, hip, knee, foot and other neurological problems.

Atlas Health on Flinders Parade, North Lakes provide a form of chiropractic care known as “Upper Cervical Care”, focusing on the atlas and the axis, which are the top two spinal vertebrae.

The atlas and axis are important because of their location at the level of the brain-stem  and also because they support the full weight of the head—4.0-5.0 Kg … the same as a bowling ball. When the atlas and axis are aligned, brain and body function more effectively.

The following video explains the benefits of upper cervical care.

Chiropractic care assists many misalignment related ailments. The body’s nervous system controls the healing process, so a wide variety of problems can arise if the nervous system does not function at it’s optimum. e.g. stress, impeded immunity, recurring injury and sleep problems.

Chiropractor Dr Jeffrey Hannah, has had great results with the elderly, adults and kids, sports and business people. Dr Hannah will gladly share his knowledge to help improve your strength and quality of movement.

dr-jeffrey-hannahDr Jeffrey Hannah is the principal Upper Cervical Chiropractor with Atlas Health Australia. He is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport, USA) ans has worked in private practice for 8 years.

Dr Hannah is one of only 4 fully licensed Atlas Orthogonal (AO) doctors in Australia, and one of only 3 qualified Blair-specific Upper Cervical chiropractors. He is proficiency certified in the Blair Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic technique,, and also certified in the Atlas Orthogonal technique,

Visit the Atlas health website to read about what makes Atlas Health, a better choice for your chiropractic needs.

Please contact Atlas Health on (07) 3188 9329 for a consultation to improve your health through chiropractic care.




The Atlas Health practice is located at;

North Lakes Vista Park
2J, 2-4 Flinders Parade
North Lakes Qld.


I found Dr Jeff through recommendations via Canada and Perth when I could not get relief of symptoms, tingles in arms and legs, through our local (normally excellent) chiropractor. These problems were treated with great success after a car accident in Canada with the upper cervical system. Dr Jeff’s professional and friendly manner impressed me and the subsequent treatments have relieved those and other symptoms – Even though I am now rarely seeing Dr Jeff for “maintenance” check ups it is a great relief for me to know that there is someone in the Brisbane area with the knowledge, pursuit for ever increasing skills who I can rely on.


Dr Jeff came into my orbit when I went along with my husband for his consultation. A life changing moment. After listening to Dr Jeff explain his process and beliefs to my husband I wondered if he could help me with my chronic problems, unable to be solved by doctors, physio, chiropractors, massage, acupuncture. The simple answer to that is YES, he has. It has not been easy, I had to progress through the body healing adjustments but always with the support and genuine interest of Dr Jeff. I have reached the goal we set (which I thought was unrealistic) to be able to play 18 holes of golf and walk the course – and we both were surprised to realise that my last visit was 2 months ago. Am I pain free – no – Dr Jeff can’t perform miracles on everything but I now rarely get a headache and the consumption of strong painkillers has diminished to a mild dose every now and then with my quality of life wonderful!. It’s always interesting visiting Dr Jeff and hearing of his trips to the States for the conferences and training he continues to be involved in.


Twice during the last 12 months I have suffered falls which have left my neck and back very painful. Dr Jeff Hannah has adjusted my neck after both episodes and the relief I obtained was quite miraculous. I have been pain free within minutes. This young man is extremely gifted in both his skill in identifying the correct adjustment and his passion to see people restored to health. I recommend his treatment to anyone with neck injuries and also to anyone who wants to maintain good health. I have come to see there are many poor health conditions which can be reversed by keeping one’s atlas and axis in proper alignment.

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