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Ali Goddard Reviews the Latest Christmas Blockbuster – Last Christmas

Last Christmas, rated PG, is the must-see Christmas movie of the season. This film stars Emilia Clarke as Kate, a 26-year-old who has lost control of her life. A chance meeting with the charming and effervescent Tom (Henry Golding) kickstarts the chain of events that change Kate’s life, and the lives of the members of her dysfunctional family, for good. This film also stars Emma Thompson as Kate’s neurotic mother, and Michelle Yeoh as her Christmas-obsessed boss.

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This film perfectly captures the human experience. It showcases all the trials and tribulations of being a person who longs for something more. Kate, who immigrated with her family from the Former Republic of Yugoslavia to London, dreams of being a star on the West End. However, after falling ill and undergoing surgery, she loses control of her life. This film follows her struggles with love, human connection, work, family, and coping with a near-death experience.

When Kate meets Tom, her entire worldview is gradually turned on its head. Tom is composed, optimistic, quirky, and kind – the exact opposite of Kate. I can guarantee you that you’ll be rooting for Kate and Tom as soon as you’re exposed to their dynamic, something which has been incredibly well-portrayed by stars Clarke and Golding. Their on-screen chemistry is something you’ll remember for a long time. This film isn’t all about love and loss, however. It’s also a great light-hearted comedy that will have the whole family chuckling together.

Heavily featuring the music of the late, great George Michael, the film uses this to its comedic advantage at times, but also uses it to tug on the heartstrings. Folks, if I can give you any recommendation when going to see this film, it’s to bring your handkerchief or tissues. Overall, a great movie to see with the whole family. Last Christmas is the feel-good movie of the year.


19/12/2019 |

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