Is your Car Air-Conditioning Ready for the Heat?


Has your air-con had a well deserved rest this cool winter?

As it is heating up rather rapidly this year, here are some top tips from the experts at Lakes Hyundai to ensure your air-conditioning unit is set to keep you chilled heading into Summer.



Crystal Clear? – Ensure the Air-conditioner filter is crystal white, when it turns black in colour is when it is blocked and restricting airflow.

Belt up – Your cars engine belt wears and tears over time, effecting such components as the air-conditioning compressor, power steering pump, alternator and water pump. So checking the belt regularly is advised, here is what to look for;
– Listen for squealing sounds from the engine
– Check belts for signs of wear (Look for cracks or fraying by pinching, squeezing or twisting them)
– Check belts for signs where the rubber is slick or glazed (These can be a sign of overheating and cracking or slick spots can cause a belt to slip)
– Inspect the pulleys (look for a build up of rubber deposits)
– Check the belt tension (there should be no more then 1.25cm to 2.5cm of slack.)

Book an inspection; If this all sounds like “Spanish” to you then book in for an inspection with our friendly service team.

Whether you’re travelling great distances or just running around greater Brisbane in mission mode with the family, by taking your vehicle for a health check to Lakes Hyundai, you can be certain that your drive time is a fun time!

27/09/2018 |

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