How to: Make Your House a Home


Your modern architecture and furniture are lovely, everything is ordered, in its place, perfect. However, does it feel cold and a bit stark? Not at all like what you grew up with?

Modern decors often feel like you are living in a display home, even though it was not your intention. Big spaces are undeniably hard to decorate and have little privacy. Do you find that you just can’t dress your vast expanses of walls without hanging lots of little things that kind of look cluttered? Of course, our men often like either the minimalist approach or the cluttered, which drives you nuts and they do not always get what cushions and rugs do! Bless the ones who do!

So, what changes can you make to imbue memories and warmth, but still be practical and budget savvy? Let’s say that you already have great rugs, cushions, vases and furniture, but it still feels aloof. What else is there that can warm any indoor and outdoor space, even the pool area, and, create a design that will add value to your home? As an artist and decorator here are a few ideas:
Adding florals is a great start! They can still be in modern styles- in arrangements, wallpaper, or, as I see it, use those walls to create designer focal points with a hand-painted TV Wall Mural, Real Art Kitchen Splashback, or even, Art into Mosaic which is tiny modern tiles, like pixels of brilliant, glossy colour. Florals bring you closer to nature with their relaxed, circular shapes and feminine style plus, they contrast beautifully with stripes, geometrics and textures!
Don’t quite like florals? Landscape, water and skyscapes, trees, even abstracts reminiscent of nature will work and can be enhanced with a floral or seed arrangement. as long as the shapes are organic and have warming textures, you will have a winner.

How to Make your house a home

Renovating or building? Again, don’t forget your hard surfaces: shower, bathtub, kitchen splashback, your exterior walls and pool tiles. My interior design mentor always said, “no one adds wow to their build any more!” I’ve created new ideas for renovators that are HIA | QBCC Legislations Compliant like, beautiful art digitised into Mosaic, Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks and Moveable Outdoor Murals on Galvo. You can warm and differentiate your modern home from your neighbour’s but make a more tidy profit when you triple your artwork’s buy price!

Another great idea is to have cushions made and use that fabric as a collage element for your wall art! And, this idea I think you might love…. treat yourself and maybe your partner or child too, to an experience painting your artwork at my home studio! Like all my art installations, I will design it with you to create relevance and fix, enhance or inspire your décor; guaranteed. At a ‘Wow Day’ Session I will move your furniture and accessories around and see what else you need, or, book an Art and Décor Planning Session where we design and quote your artwork while you learn and get a DIY plan for your remaining décor! Now that is a day well spent! Plus, I will give you two hours free! Happy Mothers Day!

Tailored-Artworks-Sharron-TancredSharron Tancred is a Customised Artwork Specialist who creates art designed to fix, enhance or inspire interior design and create relevance. See or call on (07) 3491 6400.

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