October marks the official start to storm season. Are you ready?

What would you do if disaster hits? If a bushfire is spreading quickly towards your residence, are you ready?


If a severe storm is approaching and emergency services have requested that the standard emergency warning system be broadcast, are you ready?


If a tropical cyclone heads further south than anticipated and you know your house is in a flood prone area, are you ready?


The Bureau of Meteorology’s outlook for the coming months does not detail plentiful rain for the region. Instead, we’re faced with a dry, hot summer ahead. This does not mean we won’t see storms, however, it increases the chances of low precipitation storms, with lightning strikes leading to the start of bushfires.

This will not necessarily be the case of all storms. Nor does it mean that we will not see a severe weather event in terms of excessive rainfall. We live in Australia. We know it is often the case that it’s one extreme to the other.


So what can we do to make sure our loved ones are safe? The answer is to prepare.

Here are a few simple steps to ensure you’re ready:

Step 1 – Create an emergency plan
Step 2 – Prepare your emergency and evacuation kits
Step 3 – Prepare your home
Step 4 – Tune in to warnings

To learn how to enact all the individual steps comprehensively, visit:

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