Christmas & New Year Horoscopes


These horoscopes are fun and surprisingly accurate, especially if you read your rising sign.


AriesAries March 21 – April 20: Don’t go too hard on the Xmas bevvies, lest you end up asleep under the table and miss all the fun. Overindulging will leave you feeling not just physically overloaded, but is likely to come with an extra serving of guilt. Keep your body moving and you’ll enjoy the day much more.You’ll definitely be in the mood to do something out of the ordinary to celebrate the new year. If 2017 didn’t go the way you’d hoped, make your 2018 resolutions bold and ambitious/drastic. Push hard early in the year and settle into new habits by May. Saturn’s move into your career sector means it’s time to work it. If you’ve been toying with a career goal, now is the time to knuckle down and get serious about it. It’ll be hard work, but Saturn offers real rewards in return.

TaurusTaurus April 21 – May 21: You’re definitely feeling the festive vibe on Xmas Day and will relish being surrounded by family, friends, and even a few randoms. Later in the day though, it’s probably all become too much and you’ll yearn for time alone. Give yourself the gift of some solo celebration time. There’s a lot of psychic substance available to propel your new year’s resolutions from mere dreams into the physical reality. Friends and partners are supportive of where you’d like to go and what you’d like to explore. Once you get going, you’ll be unstoppable. Saturn’s move into Capricorn is good news for you and brings a focus on pragmatic learning. You might decide a formal qualification is required or find yourself in a situation where is it is expected. Don’t take any shortcuts on your learning journey.

GeminiGemini May 22 – June 21: Have your Xmas to-do list on hand. There’s a lot of things to remember and your planetary ruler, Mercury, isn’t exactly helping as the retrograde period comes to an end. Any help offered might actually make it trickier. Do your best, forget the rest, and you’ll have a fantastic day. There could be a spot of romance on new year’s eve or at the very least an interesting exchange of ideas. Don’t try to pin anything (or anyone) down yet – least of all yourself. The sense of possibility is ripe and you’ll enjoy the change to apply all your Geminian flexibility. Saturn comes bearing the gift of self-reliance, although at times you’ll certainly wish you could get a refund on this present. Discrepancies in values will be exposed during this transit and bring up uncomfortable matters such as debt and inheritance.

CancerCancer June 22 – July 23: The stability of long term relationships are highlighted on Xmas Day as Venus moves into your partnership sector. If you’re currently single, this could make you feel a lonely. Couples see their relationship exactly as it is – maybe not as romantic as it used to be, but secure and stable. The new year opens under romantic stars. While you may prefer to stick close to home, there are good times to be had socially, particularly if you pursue the hobbies and activities that make your soul sing. Relax and enjoy. Commitment and responsibility in your relationship are highlighted by Saturn. This is when ‘for better or worse’ gets tested in marriage. For singles, casual romantic opportunities wither, but there is the potential for deeper commitment.

LeoLeo July 24 – Aug 23: You know how to put on a show, Leo, and you also know the magic of Xmas just doesn’t happen by itself. There’s a lot of work behind the scenes to pull of this day without a hitch. Relax a little and let go a little to fully enjoy the day. Starting early on those new year resolutions addresses niggling worries about your health or long-term finances. Make note of your gut feeling and leads to follow up, then you can relax and enjoy the summer festivities and circle back later. Hard work and daily responsibilities feel weightier thanks to Saturn. Setting good boundaries and healthy habits, particularly around work and self-care should be your top priority. Efficiency is everything.

VirgoVirgo Aug 24 – Sept 23: Xmas is a great day to be a Virgo. Because you pay attention to the details and have it all sorted early, you can just relax and enjoy the day. This year children and the young at heart will bring you extra fun. New year is a time to set your intent for how you want to go forth at work and at home. Has there been some inner tension as you attempt to find balance between these important areas of life? You’ll find the answer creeps in during the quiet moments when you are content and enjoying yourself. Creative discipline becomes your mantra during Saturn’s stay in Capricorn. Nothing is ‘just for fun’ while you are learning to express yourself in a sophisticated and enduring way. Don’t bother gambling.

LibraLibra Sept 24 – Oct 23: Do your visiting early and aim to spend the bulk of the day either at home or with your family. Watch the Xmas tipple as it’s likely to go straight to your head and aggravate any health conditions. Home is the focus as you ring in the new year. Hosting a party would be the perfect way to celebrate with your family and closest friends. Conversation will flow widely and freely. One-on-one relationships have a new year surprise up their sleeve. Family responsibilities, parents, and parenting require your commitment and hard work during Saturn’s stay in Capricorn.  This is a time to sure up your inner resources and ensure you have a solid foundation / home base.

ScorpioScorpio Oct 24 – Nov 22: You’re totally ready to get amongst the festivities and have an awesome day. You might receive a gift or two that isn’t quite right for you. Perhaps you can return or regift. That won’t get in the way of you having a good time, especially time in the pool or by the water. A surprise comes in your health and/or work routines around new year’s eve, but you’re feeling fit and motivated to handle whatever comes your way. Even if the post-Xmas credit card statement brings a few worries, you know what you need to do. Saturn turns his tests to your attitudes and thought processes and how they influence your engagement with your immediate environment. Your communication, in particular, will be honed through challenging situations and hard work.

SagittariusSagittarius Nov 23 – Dec 21: It wouldn’t be Xmas without you dropping a clanger, wouldn’t it? With Mercury stationing direct in your sign on the 23rd, this year’s truthbomb is likely to become a family legend. Stick close to home with those that know and love you. New Year’s Eve is a great time for you to get out and meet people. Surprise romance is a possibility for some lucky archers. If you meet someone new who makes your heart skip a beat, enjoy the magic of the moment without too much thought of the future. Saturn tightens the belt in your income sector and reminds you that every penny counts. This isn’t meant to make you miserly, that would be doing it wrong. Make a realistic assessment of value. Purchase with durability and function in mind.

CapricornCapricorn Dec 22 – Jan 20: Cast the net a little wider this Xmas and enjoy the company of not only your extended family, but also your neighbours and broader social networks. Venus moves into your sign on Xmas Day which boosts your popularity and helps you make valuable connections. Keep your health in mind as you celebrate new year’s eve.  Enjoy the benefits of attending to your best routine and you’ll fully enjoy the party atmosphere and be in the best position to adapt to surprise developments in your family. Saturn comes home to your sign and you feel back in your element – pulled together and ready to take on the challenges coming your way. If you’re not sure that you have what it takes, this a great time to rebuild from the inside out.

AquariusAquarius Jan 21 – Feb 19: You’re a little more quiet and introspective than usual this Xmas as you connect to the greater spiritual significance of the celebration. That may mean a religious significance for some, but all Aquarians there’s the chance to ponder the human condition. New year’s eve has you ready to kick up your heels and enjoy the good life with your friends. There’s plenty of fun conversation to be had, so let yourself relax and play with the wild ideas you cook up as a group. Saturn is about to do a thorough audit on all those skeletons in your closet. This is a time of honest review and assessment as cycles come to a close. Assessing the structures you’ve created and clearing away failures prepares you for future progress.

PiscesPisces Feb 20 – March 20: Xmas brings connection to your family, of blood and soul, both near and far. There may be more than the usual communication congestion as Mercury’s station almost guarantees technical difficulties contacting loved ones far away. Locals may arrive to Xmas lunch late. You’re feeling peaceful and relaxed as the new year rolls around. You intuitively understand what the people around you are feeling, which helps your new year’s gathering be enjoyed by all. In 2018, Saturn asks you to commit to your goals and focus your efforts on building long-term stable support to help get you there. Education and learning new skills help get your there, as will creating purposeful social networks.

Summer Skywatch

4th Dec – Full moon in Gemini (exact at 1:46 am so best viewed at night on 3rd)
4th Dec – Mercury stations retrograde
18th Dec – New moon in Sagittarius (exact at 4:30pm)
20th Dec – Saturn into Capricorn (new long term influence – until March 2020)
21st Dec – Sun into Capricorn
23rd Dec – Mercury stations direct
2nd Jan – Full moon in Cancer (exact at 12:24pm)
17th Jan – New moon in Capricorn (exact at 12:17pm)
20th Jan – Sun into Aquarius

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