“Call to Arms” to support Aussie Dairy Farmers


It has been brought to the Nation’s attention that our Dairy Industry is in a massive crisis.

Waleed Aly has made the public aware of this dire situation for our Aussie farmers during a segment of The Project which aired on Tuesday night.

He announced his “greatest call to arms” in which he urged Australian’s to “eat more cheese” in order to help out this struggling industry whilst pointing out that 9 out of 10 Australians do not eat enough dairy products.

The catch is of course, that the dairy products NEED to be Australian made. The demand for our exported milk products was not as great as originally perceived which has completely disrupted the industry and fallen back on to the farmers.

Wray Orgainc Australian Milk

Thankfully, here in North Lakes we have an array of suppliers of Australian produce inclusive of Wray Organics. I personally prefer Australian milk and associated products over imported milk products.

Wray Organic Yoghurt





19/05/2016 |

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