Save North Lakes Golf Course Movement Gains Broad Support


With over four thousand supporters of the group and growing, the Save North Lakes Golf Course movement is gaining broad support from the community with former Pine Rivers Shire Councillor Yvonne Barlow speaking out, giving her support and urging current elected Council officials to look at the decision of the courts on similar issues in other areas around what ‘prohibited use’ of land means.

Yvonne was on the Planning Committee, responsible for creating the Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan and says the DCP was created in the first place to protect the community for the future.

Watch the interview below.


You can sign the online petition to Moreton Bay Regional Council here –

You can sign the online petition to the Queensland State Government here –



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Local Voice: Save North Lakes Golf Course – Second Council Address



When I spoke last, Save North Lakes Golf Club Inc.(hereafter ‘SNLGC’), on behalf of its more than 4,500 members, requested Council to issue a public statement denouncing any developer’s ability to re-zone the Open Space precinct on which the golf course sits on part. SNLGC asked for this because we were (and remain) of the opinion that the Mango Hill Infrastructure Development Control Plan (hereafter ‘the MHIDCP’) is a document that brings clarity to land owners about what can be built around them within the suburb of North Lakes.

On 12 October 2018, the Queensland Court of Appeal unanimously reached the same conclusion as SNLGC in the matter of Springfield Lakes Land Corporation Pty Limited v Cherish Enterprises Pty Ltd and Ipswich City Council [2018] QCA 266 (hereafter ‘the decision’). This decision confirms that North Lakes and its very detailed planning system are not like any other area in the Moreton Bay region and careful consideration needs to be given to any planning applications moving forward.

The decision confirms the interplay of the myriad of current and past Queensland planning legislation and how, the only three Development Control Plans (hereafter ‘DCP’) which have been specifically retained by the Queensland Planning Act 2016, are to be interpreted. The decision confirms that the wording of the legislation is ‘grammatically correct’ and ‘unambiguous’ which significantly limits how a DCP can be interpreted. Further, the decision confirms that if there is any inconsistency between a DCP and the planning scheme that adopted it, the DCP takes precedent. Lastly and most importantly the decision confirmed that the Ipswich City Council was wholly correct in refusing to even accept a Development Application (hereafter ‘DA’) for something that was prohibited by its DCP.

SNLGC are of the opinion that Council has only two options available to it in regards to the proposed development by Village Retirement Group (hereafter ‘VRG’):

  1. to receive, assess and reject the DA as it is a prohibited development according to the MHIDCP; or
  2. to refuse to receive any DA which is a prohibited development according to the MHIDCP.

The first option will result in ONLY one outcome. VRG will appeal Council’s decision to the Planning and Environment Court; VRG will most undoubtedly lose because the lower court is not going to go against a recent unanimous decision of the Court of Appeal; and VRG will then have to go to the Court of Appeal in the hope that the court has changed its opinion. This option will be extremely expensive as Council will be required to spend money assessing a DA which it should know is prohibited and then spend more money fighting the battle in not one but two courts. These exorbitant expenses are borne by all the ratepayers of Moreton Bay.

The second option is considerably different and costs very little. Council can decide to advise any and all developers who want to develop in the Open Space precinct of North Lakes that it will not accept any DA that is for a prohibited development. Council has every legal right to take this action and the Court of Appeal as well as the current and past Queensland planning legislation confirm this. If Council adopted this course of action there could be no mention of actual or perceived bias by Council as all developers would be treated exactly the same – the process would be entirely open and transparent.

Accordingly, SNLGC again requests Council to issue a public statement to all developers who are considering developing outside of the requirements of the MHIDCP on North Lakes’ Open Space precinct – DO NOT waste your time or money as there is no ‘right’ for any developer, including what has been proposed by VRG, to lodge a DA for prohibited development in the Open Space Precinct of North Lakes.

I accept that Council will choose which path it will adopt. It will be noted going forward though, that today, Council was informed that it has every legal right to refuse to accept a DA for a prohibited development.

Lastly, I would like to say that a public statement made by Council would greatly assist the North Lakes community by restoring the planning certainty that ought to be unquestionable.

Phillip Carlson – Save North Lakes Golf Club Inc.

Residents: It’s really simple to Sign the Petition to the State Parliament to show that YOU do not support any change in use of the North Lakes Golf Course and that YOU oppose any development application to change the use of the North Lakes Golf Course.

Visit the following link to sign the Petition –…

29/11/2018 |

PUBLIC WARNING – Have you received this fridge Magnet?


PUBLIC WARNING – Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd in Queensland; Belal Dassouki; or any entity associated with Belal Dassouki or Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd

This is a warning issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) Commissioner to the public under section 20J(1)(i) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.

The QBCC is urging consumers, contractors and suppliers to be cautious in any dealings with Belal Dassouki; Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd in Queensland; or any entity associated with Belal Dassouki or Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd.

The QBCC is in possession of advertising magnets that have been distributed in areas including Hamilton, Aspley, Albany Creek, Bracken Ridge, Murrumba Downs, Chermside, Redcliffe, Kippa Ring, and Ferny Hills.  The magnet (see picture below) lists licence number 227376c; a New South Wales licence number belonging to Belal Dassouki, registered Director of associated entity, Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd.

The advertising material promotes that plumbing work may be carried out by Belal Dassouki or Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd.  Neither Belal Dassouki nor Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd hold a QBCC licence and therefore are not permitted to carry out, or enter into contracts to carry out, building work, including plumbing, in Queensland.

The QBCC warns all persons in Queensland dealing with Belal Dassouki or Plumbing Detectives Pty Ltd to exercise extreme caution. The QBCC urges consumers who have contracted with or had any dealings with Belal Dassouki or Plumbing Detectives PtyLtd to contact the QBCC on 139 333.

If you are in doubt about whether the entity you are contracting with is licensed or holds the correct licence to do the work, please conduct a free online licence search at or contact the QBCC on 139 333.

Contact: 139 333
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Moreton Bay kicks-off 2018 planned Burn Program


Moreton Bay Regional Council this week kicks-off its bushfire season preparations with the first hazard reduction burns for 2018.

Council fire crews, together with the Queensland Fire and Emergency Service (QFES) are conducting a controlled burns today at:

  • Dakabin near the Waste Management Facility and RSPCA Dakabin Animal Care Centre


Mayor Allan Sutherland said now was the time for authorities and the community to begin bushfire season preparations with conditions beginning to dry throughout the region.

“Council and state fire authorities have been closely monitoring local bushland and have scheduled more than 35 controlled burns over coming months to prepare for the bushfire season,” Mayor Sutherland said.

Planned burns reduce fire loads and are conducted in accordance with favourable weather conditions. Controlled burns also provide additional benefits such as aiding in weed control and land rehabilitation, and maintaining habitat diversity.

“To keep up-to-date with planned burns in your area tune into local media, or sign up for council’s free MoretonAlert service, which will send you a notification for any upcoming burns via text or email.

For the full list of planned burns in 2018, visit: Properties adjoining planned burn locations will be notified via letterbox drop prior to burns taking place.

Mayor Sutherland said in total, council will conduct burns across more than 300 hectares throughout Moreton Bay, but that doesn’t mean residents can be complacent.

“As council and fire authorities ramp up their fire mitigation activities, it’s important that residents are also prepared.

“Fires don’t limit themselves to bushland. They can occur in suburban areas, near parks and grassland. All it takes is a few burning embers or smoke.

“You can visit council’s website [] for information and tips on how to be bushfire-ready.”

Tips to get bushfire ready:

  • Clear debris from gutters, trim low-lying branches near the home and regularly mow your lawn
  • Relocate flammable items away from your home, including woodpiles, paper, boxes, crates, hanging baskets and garden furniture
  • Check you have personal protective clothing and equipment, and that your first aid kit is fully stocked
  • Monitor conditions, know the Fire Danger Rating and tune into local media, including radio, social media and websites

List of 2018 burn locations:

Albany Creek – Alpinia Court Park

Arana Hills – Brian Battersby Reserve

Armstrong Creek – Alison Booker Reserve

Banksia Beach – Bribie Arts Centre

Beachmere – Beachmere Conservation Park (H E Corbould Park)

Bongaree – Melsa Park

Bray Park – Lavender Court Reserve

Bunya – Allen Road West

Burpengary East – Nector Way Park

CREEC – Caboolture

Parish Road Park – Cashmere

Hacker Road South Complex – Clear Mountain

Lily Clench Park – Closeburn

McDowells Road Reserve – Dakabin

Dakabin Landfill Station – Draper

Reginald Draper Reserve 13.5ha – Elimbah

Three Ponds Park 7.8ha – Wattlebird Drive Park (North) and Wests Road

Everton Hills – Peter Street North

Ferny Hills – Ivy England Park

Wongam Reserve – Griffin

Vanilla Avenue Park – Kallangur

Alice Mawson Reserve – Kobble Creek

Hipathites Road Reserve/ Mount Samson Road Corner Reserve – Morayfield

Walkers Road Reserve – Mount Glorious

Harland Road Roadside Vegetation (APZ) – Mount Pleasant

Mount Brisbane Road Reserve – Narangba

Quarry Reserve Raynbird Road – Neurum

Neurum Creek Conservation Park – Ningi

Ningi Transfer Station – Grice Crescent Reserve

North Lakes – North Lakes Environmental Reserve Lacebark Street Section

Petrie – Kurwongbah Park

Stony Creek – Stony Creek Rest Area 3.3ha

Toorbul – Toorbul Transfer Station

Wamuran – Quarry Reserve (May Street)

Deveit Road Park – Campbells Reserve

Woodford – Kauri Court Park

Woorim – Second Avenue Road Reserve

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