Mothers are the Silent Heroes

Mothers are the Silent Heroes

Mothers are the silent heroes of our community, so I want to say a big thank you to all the mothers!

Mothers are the Silent HeroesEvery day we could honour the everlasting love of our Mother’s. Mothers, often sacrifice so much, love so much and invest so much to build strong and compassionate children.

On May 13th, Mother’s Day, I will be making sure I show my beautiful Mum Denise how much I value her love. Mum is always a steady hand providing support and encouragement.As Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” Thank you, Mum.

My wife Louise is an inspirational woman and an exceptional mother to our three boys William, Thomas and Samuel. It is Louise’s unconditional support, wisdom and strength, which make it possible for me to work so hard representing the electorate of Petrie.

The impact and power of a Mothers love was clearly captured in the title of William Wallace’s 1865 poem, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules the World.

Happy Mother’s Day! You rock our world!

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To All the Mothers

To All the Mothers

To all the mothers in North Lakes and surrounding areas: I hope you get spoilt on Mothers’ Day!

To All the MothersTo all the mothers in North Lakes and surrounding areas: I hope you get spoilt on Mothers’ Day!

And for all those husbands, sons and daughters who are reading this, don’t forget to do something special on Mothers’ Day for the Mum in your family.

Always remember that Mums are not only role models for the women and girls in our families, they are role models for the men and boys as well.

I know I am a better parent because I learn all the time from my wife, Sian.

I have learnt to show patience, compassion and acceptance by watching her and following her example.

And from my own mother Margaret, I have learnt how to be a constant educator and be a fun parent at the same time!

So look after the Mums in your family on Mother’s Day, and pay tribute to all the wonderful things they bring into your life.

Words: Chris Whiting MP

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New Ambulance Vehicle has New Home at North Lakes Ambulance Station


The keys to a new ambulance were handed over at the North Lakes Ambulance Station by Chris Whiting MP, Member for Bancroft.

“The vehicle has been built locally in Bancroft by Varley, who are located in the Narangba Innovation Precinct,” Mr Whiting said.


“The vehicle can carry two patients and is staffed by a specialised mixture of drivers and paramedics depending on the needs of the patients.

“It carries state of art equipment for patients, but also to ensure the safety of Queensland Ambulance staff and other road users.

“These features include lane sensors, rear sensors and the Emergency Vehicle Priority system, which triggers a green light at compatible intersections.

“This is yet another example of the Palaszczuk Government’s commitment to growing Queensland jobs. This specialised patient transport van is a $230,000 investment by the Palaszczuk Government in the region.

“What a pleasure it is to deliver this new resource to our hardworking ambulance officers and to our station at North Lakes,” Mr Whiting said.

The North Lakes Ambulance Station, opened in 2012, is the largest Ambulance station in Queensland with a fleet of 11 vehicles and 34 staff.

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North Lakes Sports Club Turns One this Weekend!


North Lakes Sports Club is set to celebrate its first birthday this weekend, with a huge line-up of gifts for members and guests including free entertainment, special member discounts, giveaways and of course birthday cake.

NLSC-turns-oneSince opening its doors to members and the public in May last year, General Manager Chris Sartori said the club has welcomed over 30,000 new members.

‘The response from the community has been outstanding,” Mr Sartori said.

“Our initial forecast was for 12,000 members in the first 12 months. We reached that total within two weeks!

In addition to its 30,000 strong membership base, the club has also recorded some impressive numbers during its first twelve months of operation:

  • Over 100,000 visits to the club from members and guests
  • 171,000 meals freshly prepared at Banyan Restaurant & Deck
  • 38,500 barista made coffees sold at Crave Café & Bar
  • 722 Explorers Kids Club members

“We’re also really proud of the contributions that the club has made to the community, by creating employment for over 120 full-time, part-time and casual roles and our community donations which have totalled over $72,000.

Mr Sartori said members and guests should get ready for a weekend of celebrations.

“Our birthday weekend kicks off this Saturday night with the free Killer Queen tribute show.

“The show is one of Australia’s best tribute acts with front man Johnny Blunt covering all your favourite Queen songs such as Bohemian Rhapsody, We will Rock You, Under Pressure & We Are The Champions.

“Entry is free and there is no reserved seating in the Discovery Lounge, so we’re encouraging members and guests to arrive early as seating is limited.

“We’ll be offering a special express dinner menu through the Discovery lounge with a choice of two dinner specials for just $15 for members or $17 for members, plus Banyan Restaurant & Crave Café will be open as usual.”

Then on Sunday, the official first birthday celebrations will take place.

“There will be free live entertainment all-day from 11am to 9pm, a balloon artists from 12pm to 3pm, mega raffles from 1.30pm and of course free birthday cake at 2pm.

Members will also enjoy a $4,000 cash giveaway, 10% of the already discounted members prices throughout the day, while a $10 members express lunch special will also be available at the Discovery Lounge.

For more information on the North Lakes Sports Club’s 1st Birthday Celebrations visit or call 1300 006 572.

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Dear Alice – Housemate Hell



Dear Alice,
I’m having problems with my new housemate. We placed an ad online and he moved in a few weeks ago. The household works office hours and the new guy works at a bar on the weekend. He has complained to me a few times about noise, music, the pets and being woken up. I have tried to smooth things over by moving the coffee machine and refraining from using the blender, but now I am missing out on my morning smoothie. Even though I’ve been trying hard to keep the peace, he has become more passive-aggressive and doesn’t speak to anyone. Instead, he leaves notes scolding us. I don’t know what else I can do?

Hi Kellie,
Gosh! That does not sound like a desirable living situation. Tension in share housing is a pretty common issue, but that doesn’t mean that you have to tolerate it long term. Something needs to give. The first part that I am questioning is in regards to the differing work hours. In my opinion, if someone has moved into an existing share house, it is up to the incoming individual to ensure that they are compatible with the existing dynamic. It does not seem fair that a night shift worker can be upset that office workers are awake, and making noise, during the day. I would propose that being tolerant of noise is a fundamental part of living with other people. I would like to commend you on trying to keep the peace, harmony in a share house is extremely important. The only issue with placating one person is that it is having measurable impact upon the other housemate’s lives. You are putting someone else’s happiness before your own which is a slippery slope into anger, resentment and self-loathing. It doesn’t sound fair to me. Ideally, you want to find a middle ground where every party is happy, or simply change your expectations; or buy some ear plugs. I find it interesting that communication has broken down, and that the only form of discourse is a monologue through the form of a note. Sure, people are busy and want to get their point across; but what you are saying when you leave a note is that you are making a statement or demand that is non-negotiable. Leaving notes seems like an under-confident act. Perhaps you could ask that any issues be addressed in-person? I would encourage you to be proactive and organize a meeting or a dinner where everyone can come together and discuss their issues in an open forum. There needs to be consensus or a majority rule, can I suggest voting on issues? Hopefully, once everything is on the table and things are decided, the tension will reduce. At the end of the day, easy come easy go; if it doesn’t work out then maybe it’s time to stick that ad back out there and try to find someone with similar expectations. Good luck!Dear-Alice-info-banner

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Body Corporates Behaving Badly – Pet Bans


For pet enthusiasts and animal lovers in general, our little furry, scaly or feathery friends are the epitome of civilised behaviour.

For others, these creatures are the source of unpleasant noise, smells, allergy aggravation and even health risks. And of course, both points of view are correct.

For detached dwellings, pet ownership is controlled by local Council laws. When it comes to Body Corporate multi-unit complexes (BC’s) however, the issue is more commonly regulated by the individual by-laws specific to that building. In most BC’s the by-laws will say that Lot Owners may keep one pet (typically restricted to a cat, dog or bird) provided they first obtain consent from the BC via majority vote at a general meeting.

But what happens if the by-laws contain an outright prohibition on pets, or pets are permitted but the BC has voted “no” and/or the inverse situation where the BC allowed a pet that has now become a pest?

In each of these scenarios the affected lot owner(s) have rights under the BC dispute resolution process which, in brief, has three steps. First mediation next adjudication and finally litigation. If the dispute reaches the final step it will be determined by a “member” in the Qld Civil and Administration Tribunal (QCAT) which effectively functions like a low level Court. QCAT decisions are published on-line and give good guidance as to which way a Court would jump on pet ownership.

If the pet-ban is in the BC by-laws, QCAT has consistently concluded that such bans are illegal and cannot be enforced.


If the pet-ban has come from a BC majority vote at a general meeting, then, provided the idiosyncratic behaviours of the relevant species would not be considered too boisterous, QCAT would normally be expected to overturn the BC decision and allow the pet to stay.

Where the pet is already living in the BC complex (with or without prior BC approval) but is considered by some/one lot owner(s) to be a nuisance then where the pet is objectively assessed to be too large, loud or delinquent for the available community living space or it is located too close to residents who have genuine animal specific allergies or phobias, QCAT will usually put the human Lot Owners first and order that the pet must go.

Zande-Law-logoIf any readers of this article have questions relating to their personal BC situation then we at Zande Law are presently offering a free initial consultation service. Just give us a call and we would be happy to book you in for an appointment.  Michael Zande is the principal at Zande Law Solicitors and has over 25 years’ experience. To contact Michael for advice, phone 3385 0999, Suite 7, Norwinn Centre, 15 Discovery Drive, North Lakes.

The information in this article is merely a guide and is not a full explanation of the law. This firm cannot take responsibility for any action readers take based on this information. When making decisions that could affect your legal rights, please contact us for professional advice.

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Mother Mangrove


Mangroves could be the most dedicated mothers in the plant kingdom.

Many mangroves have a distinct mode of reproduction; they are viviparous, bearing live young – a strategy usually associated with mammals. While it does look different in plants, it still requires relatively long, extensive parental involvement.

The life of a mangrove is full of challenges. To live on the edge of water is to live in flux; oscillation between exposure and submersion causes fluctuations in temperature, nutrient availability, oxygen levels and salinity. These factors complicate the survival and settlement of a mangrove, as do currents and waves. Thus, mangroves have had to find a way to help their precious seedlings along.


The seeds of most trees germinate in the soil after dropping from their parent. For many mangroves, this simply isn’t an option; the chances of their seeds taking root would be too low. Instead, in species including the local red mangrove (Rhizophorastylosa), the fertilised seeds germinate on the tree, inside the fruit, and grow into a propagule while they are supported by their mother. Capable of sustaining themselves through photosynthesis, propagules are sturdy vessels for the seed. They are buoyant and can go dormant for up to several months, depending on species, which allows them to travel to just the right place and wait for just the right time to establish. Even so, mangroves, nurturing mothers that they are, may hold onto their propagules for at least a year before letting them venture out into the world.

Viviparity is not utilised by every species. However, even mangroves that do not release propagules, like the grey mangrove (Avicennia marina), will carry their seeds to a fairly advanced stage of embryonic development. These mangroves typically also have very large fruits, a botanic mother’s equivalent to a jam-packed lunch box, filled with nutrients for their seeds while they’re exploring the world.

We rarely think of plants as parents, let alone as good parents. Compared to most animals, plants don’t seem to invest much in their offspring after seed production. Thus, mangroves truly do take special care of their little ones.

Words: Charlotte Liehr

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Politicians’ Fingers in the Dividend Pie


Some Retirees own shares listed on the Australian Stock Exchange like Telstra and the Banks.

These Companies often pay dividends to shareholders to which is attached (or imputed) tax credits. If their taxable income is below the tax-free amount (currently $18,200) then the tax credits are refunded by the tax office after lodging their tax return. This system is known as franking.

Quote-NBCThe franking system was introduced in Australia in 1987 by the Hawke / Keating Labor Government. It makes the taxation system fairer because before its introduction, Companies who paid tax would then distribute the after-tax amount to shareholders by way of dividend(s). The shareholders would then pay tax on the dividend received. So effectively, the dividend was being taxed twice. Once at the Company level and once at the individual level.

Since 1987, when a shareholder whose taxable income is under the tax-free threshold is paid a franked dividend from say Telstra, the tax credit attached to that dividend will be refunded to the shareholder’s bank account by the ATO. Complicated stuff, but it works.

Labor has recently released a proposed policy to stop or limit franking so it’s ironic that the political party that originally introduced the system, beneficial to all tax payers now wants to cease it. Poll’s appear to have the current Opposition ahead as the preferred government at the next election. This will mean dividends may again be double -taxed. A different tail wags the dog.


NBC-logoNorthern Business Consultants – (NBC Mango Hill Pty Ltd) are Big Local sponsors and are Accountants, Tax and Business Advisers located on the upper level of the Mango Hill Market Place and Aspley. Any advice given in this article is general in nature and cannot be acted upon without specific advice from NBC Mango Hill Pty Ltd. Please visit us at:

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Spoil Mum



It’s that time of year for you to return the favour!
Lavish her with some special treats that she truly deserves!

Fluffy-pancakes-spoil-mumFluffy Pancakes with Blueberries

3/4 cup milk
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 cup plain flour
2 tablespoons white sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 egg
2 tablespoons butter, melted

Combine milk with vinegar in a medium bowl and set aside for 5 minutes to sour. Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a large mixing bowl. Whisk egg and butter into soured milk. Pour the flour mixture into the wet ingredients and whisk until lumps are gone. Heat a large skillet over medium heat, and coat with cooking spray. Pour 1/4 cupfuls of batter onto the skillet, and cook until bubbles appear on the surface. Flip with a spatula, and cook until browned on the other side.

Salmon-Eggs-Benedict-Spoil-MumSalmon Eggs Benedict

2 eggs
2 tbsp vinegar
1 English muffin, halved
a little butter
4 slices smoked salmon
Hollandaise sauce
chopped chives
3 mini roma tomatoes

To poach the eggs, bring a large pan of water to the boil and add the vinegar. Lower the heat so that the water is simmering gently. Stir the water so you have a slight whirlpool, then slide in the eggs one by one. Cook each for about 4 mins, then remove with a slotted spoon. Lightly toast and butter the muffins, then put lettuce mix or spinach leaves on, followed by a couple of slices of salmon on each half. Top each with an egg, spoon over some Hollandaise and garnish with chopped chives and some mini roma tomatoes for garnish.

Steaming-Mocha-Coffee-Spoil-MumSteaming Mocha Coffee

2 cups Milk
2 tablespoons cocoa
2 tablespoons brown sugar
2 tablespoons of instant coffee
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Heat all ingredients in a small saucepan and whisk until steaming. Pour into mug.

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Restaurant Review | Mango Hill Tavern


Mango-Hill-Tavern-ReviewNorth Lakes is well known for some of the best eateries in the Moreton Bay Region and the Mango Hill Tavern is one of the restaurants that give the area its good name!

If you haven’t been to the restaurant at the Mango Hill Tavern lately, now is the time, after their internal revamp and new menu launch!

We absolutely love the new menu, which has a broad and budget-friendly meal selection, designed to cater for all tastes, including the fussiest of eaters (kids!!)

You can dine in comfort, while the kids entertain themselves in the Kids Club. Our kids didn’t want to leave! Check out the Kids Menu options where every meal includes dessert and an activity pack to keep them entertained!

With warm and friendly furnishings, alfresco and indoor dining options, the warm, earthy tones of the Tavern provide an instantly welcoming atmosphere and the staff are absolutely amazing!

For bookings call 3482 1500MHT-logo

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Influential Mums


Meet some of the women paving the way in our local Community!

Rochelle-Courtenay-Influential Mums

Rochelle Courtenay
Founder of Share the Dignity
Mum of 2

A local champion for preserving the dignity of homeless women and women experiencing domestic violence, Rochelle is an inspiration!

Only three short years ago the idea of Share the Dignity was conceived by Rochelle. In such a short timeframe she’s been able to provide sanitary items to countless women in need, as well as raise awareness within the Community of this urgent issue.

The idea came to her one day when she was reading an article about the number of women who were in the position of being homeless. She discovered that rather than purchasing sanitary items with the meager funds they had, they would prioritise feeding their kids.

She believes that she has arrived where she is today by surrounding herself with like-minded people. “People are willing to help”, she said.

Rochelle is the recipient of many awards, including Best Community Minded Mum.


Renee Walls
Owner of BOQ North Lakes
Mum of 2, Stepmum of 3

A well-known, friendly face in our local Community, Renee has been making a difference in the lives of locals with her drive and passion.

For the last ten years, Renee has worked alongside her husband, Jeff, in the North Lakes Branch of Bank of Queensland. She was the Treasurer of Mango Hill State School’s P&C and later became the Community Liason Officer for the school.

The day that they received the keys to the bank was Renee’s first day of maternity leave! Since then, they have provided employment to ten local families.

“You see customers everywhere in the Community”, Renee said. “Never underestimate how the people you already know can help you, it’s always great to draw on their knowledge!”

Already involved in local sporting groups, Renee saw a great opportunity to embed themselves in their community. Recently, Renee organised BOQ’s third annual charity golf day, with much success!


Ngaire Stirling
Founder of Brisbane Kids
Mum of 3

The Queen of kids events, Ngaire is looked up to by thousands of women for saving their sanity during school holidays!

Eight years ago, Ngaire started Brisbane Kids with $100 as start up capital. With three kids in tow, two of whom have specials needs, she has built an online empire with a staggering 160k Facebook following.

Ngaire believes there is no greater time to start a business than when you’re a mum. If you have a dream you’d like to fulfill, why not start yourself on the path while you’ve got a little free time. It doesn’t need to cost a lot of money to start a business.

She found the most difficult aspect was to find that ever elusive work/home life balance. “It’s very important to make sure you look after your mental health. I learnt that I could work non-stop and still not be able to get everything done, it was a hard lesson.”

As a passionate animal lover, in her spare time, Ngaire is an activist for local wildlife.

Julie-Greer-Influential Mums

Julie Greer
Mum of 2, Grandmother of 5

Our local Councillor for the past twelve years, Julie demonstrates how to get the job done whilst being a role model in our Community!

Unknown to many, Julie’s involvement with Council and the Community goes way back, before she even became our local Councillor. Prior to the amalgamation of Moreton Bay Regional Council, Julie worked for the Pine Rivers Council for fifteen years as the Events Coordinator!

Her love of meeting people and trying to help them was what prompted her to put her hand up and run for Council. “Everyone has a story,” she says all-knowingly.

Although she loves her job, she concedes that it is quite demanding and does take away from family life. “You need to find the balance,” she says. “You have to have your family behind you.”

In her downtime, Julie likes to take her Mustang for a drive with her partner, Gary.


Sarah Crawford
Founder of NLCP&B
Mum of 6

A pillar of our local Community, Sarah has been a support person to many, both in person and online. Her willingness to help strangers makes her one in a million.

For five and a half years Sarah poured her heart and soul into the incredibly popular Facebook page, North Lakes Community, Parents and Businesses. As the admin of the page, she created a welcoming hub for all members of the Community to come together and engage.

Towards the end of the pregnancy of her last child, she knew that the workload was becoming too much, so she made the decision to prioritise her family.

Sarah has since started a new business venture: Crawford Cleaning Care, which has given her the opportunity to work around her family commitments.

Sarah’s strong character saw her overcome a massive challenge for the benefit of her health, a weight loss of 40kg. “I hope I helped empower others not to give up on their dreams!”


Karen Johns
Mum of 4, Grandmother of 7

Valiant, big-hearted and strong-willed is the type of person every victim of domestic violence needs to support them, all of which Karen is.

Karen is no stranger to domestic violence, having once been a victim herself, which planted the seed for the idea of DARE to grow. She was previously a teacher and a Pastor, the knowledge from those two professions has benefitted her to help the women in our Community in need.

Her own experience taught her that there was a gap in connecting services to these women, who are often too afraid to seek help.

“I just want to give women the hope that there is a better life”, she said. On average, a victim returns seven times before permanently leaving and Karen is there to support them every time, in a non-judgemental way.

Due to her contributions to our Community, Karen saw herself awarded Moreton Bay Citizen of the Year 2018.


Influential-Mums-read-North-Lakes-NowTo read more great local stories, check out our magazine, North Lakes Now!

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How to: Make Your House a Home


Your modern architecture and furniture are lovely, everything is ordered, in its place, perfect. However, does it feel cold and a bit stark? Not at all like what you grew up with?

Modern decors often feel like you are living in a display home, even though it was not your intention. Big spaces are undeniably hard to decorate and have little privacy. Do you find that you just can’t dress your vast expanses of walls without hanging lots of little things that kind of look cluttered? Of course, our men often like either the minimalist approach or the cluttered, which drives you nuts and they do not always get what cushions and rugs do! Bless the ones who do!

So, what changes can you make to imbue memories and warmth, but still be practical and budget savvy? Let’s say that you already have great rugs, cushions, vases and furniture, but it still feels aloof. What else is there that can warm any indoor and outdoor space, even the pool area, and, create a design that will add value to your home? As an artist and decorator here are a few ideas:
Adding florals is a great start! They can still be in modern styles- in arrangements, wallpaper, or, as I see it, use those walls to create designer focal points with a hand-painted TV Wall Mural, Real Art Kitchen Splashback, or even, Art into Mosaic which is tiny modern tiles, like pixels of brilliant, glossy colour. Florals bring you closer to nature with their relaxed, circular shapes and feminine style plus, they contrast beautifully with stripes, geometrics and textures!
Don’t quite like florals? Landscape, water and skyscapes, trees, even abstracts reminiscent of nature will work and can be enhanced with a floral or seed arrangement. as long as the shapes are organic and have warming textures, you will have a winner.

How to Make your house a home

Renovating or building? Again, don’t forget your hard surfaces: shower, bathtub, kitchen splashback, your exterior walls and pool tiles. My interior design mentor always said, “no one adds wow to their build any more!” I’ve created new ideas for renovators that are HIA | QBCC Legislations Compliant like, beautiful art digitised into Mosaic, Real Art Kitchen Splashbacks and Moveable Outdoor Murals on Galvo. You can warm and differentiate your modern home from your neighbour’s but make a more tidy profit when you triple your artwork’s buy price!

Another great idea is to have cushions made and use that fabric as a collage element for your wall art! And, this idea I think you might love…. treat yourself and maybe your partner or child too, to an experience painting your artwork at my home studio! Like all my art installations, I will design it with you to create relevance and fix, enhance or inspire your décor; guaranteed. At a ‘Wow Day’ Session I will move your furniture and accessories around and see what else you need, or, book an Art and Décor Planning Session where we design and quote your artwork while you learn and get a DIY plan for your remaining décor! Now that is a day well spent! Plus, I will give you two hours free! Happy Mothers Day!

Tailored-Artworks-Sharron-TancredSharron Tancred is a Customised Artwork Specialist who creates art designed to fix, enhance or inspire interior design and create relevance. See or call on (07) 3491 6400.

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