10 Tips for Decorating Small Home Spaces


Small homes aren’t a problem when you work the space using some clever facts!


1. Green and Yellow are both receding colours that will create the illusion of more space!

2. Use verticle lines in your decor drapes, plants, patterns, artwork shapes etc. to create the illusion of higher ceilings

3. Reduce the use of circles and curves to the bare minimum as these shapes will create a more cluttered looking space

4. You can have bright colours, but keep them to smaller shapes and not too many colours. 3 is ample.

5. A white and natural colour palette with green is excellent for small spaces

6. De-clutter and set up storage solutions.

7. De-cluttering includes small photos/artworks hanging on your walls. Group these into sets and hang in the smallest and most intimate parts of your home i.e. hallway, stairwell and not the lounge or formal entry!

8. Do have a focal point artwork in your larger spaces so they unite the decor and create your Wow! factor.

9. Dress your larger walls to their proportion. This means larger art again. Large art that incorporates a distant view, in keeping with your decor style, will create the illusion of more space.

10. Watch your furniture clutter! The rule of thumb is 2/3rds space to 1/3rd furniture; not the reverse.

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26/03/2018 |

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